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In The Wizard's Study by digitalcirce In The Wizard's Study by digitalcirce
(woman to pig transformation)

Meredith had just meant to clean up her housemate’s study a little – rearrange some furniture and straighten up the books.  The wizard was such a slob, and she had always hated a mess.  She really wasn’t planning to snoop, or root through his things.  But the wizard’s sudden return surprised her.  She looked up in shock at his angry countenance.  “I… I was just… just…” she stuttered, but he clearly was in no mood to listen, having jumped to conclusions about her intrusion.  He muttered a chant, the fury evident in his voice.  She couldn’t really understand the incantation, but it sounded like it included the word ‘porcus’.  Meredith swallowed dryly, feeling the spell take hold of her.  Her nose wiggled, bulging out and growing.   Within seconds, it had become a small snout.   And as she opened her mouth to try to make an excuse, all she was able to do was squeal.  The changes came quickly – flopping ears, a wiggling tail.  And more.  And more.  

It didn’t take long, all things considered, for Meredith to turn into a sow.  The plump pig looked up and squealed at her former housemate, but it wasn’t like she could make intelligible excuses any more.  Soon enough, the fat sow found herself in a muddy pigsty, with an altogether different kind of roommate.  Unfortunately they were slobs too, and the young sow found herself living in a perpetual mess.  But she was a pig now, so at least it wasn’t unreasonable anymore.  

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AsariGoddess Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
Your stories are as great as your manips :)
4licetf Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Still really love your work. Especially this kind of story
digitalcirce Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Thank you!
AniManipper Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great work as always Circe :D
digitalcirce Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
Thank you very much!
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