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May 30, 2010
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The Magician's Assistant
By Digital Circe

(woman to pig transformation)

Story warnings: nudity, adultery

Katharina Eberhardt looked over the program for Marcel's newest magic show, a grand display in San Diego that the beautiful assistant would be participating in.  This time, she would be more than just his assistant; she was to be part of the spectacle.  The performance was going to be televised, and the scale was to be the biggest magic show in a decade.  Marcel had been very busy planning and preparing each illusion, including the ones that featured Katharina.  The show was to be the greatest of the illusionist's life, and the evening would be crowned with a showstopper – he would transform his beautiful assistant into a pig, let her (in actuality a trained pig) run around and wow the audience with her new form, then change her back in a final display.  It would be perfect.

Any illusionist could make a puff of smoke and a substitution, but this trick was to be far more grandiose.  The sophistication far outstripped other transubstatiatory illusions, like 'the lady to a tiger' or 'woman from the smoke'.  Her transformation was to be a slow one, one that people could see happening.  It was a complex and ingenious illusion.  Her slinky dress hid several self-inflating pouches on the inside, which would make her look like she was growing fatter and more barrel shaped.  With the aid of occasional well-timed smoke bursts, she would slip several sequential hoof-like extensions over her hands and feet, which could also each inflate slightly.  A small, curly tail was hidden in her dress, which would push out at the appropriate time.  Small pouches hidden in her nostrils and behind her ears would give the illusion of her face beginning to change.  A prosthetic snout would work like the hooves for the latter stages, and she would wear special UV light-sensitive contact lenses, which would appear to make her eyes black and beady midway through her transformation.  She would wear fake teeth, sculpted to look like small tusks when she opened her mouth.  All this would be accentuated by her grunting and squealing, as though her human voice was being lost.  Near the end, a smoke flash would disguise her changing places with the real pig, which would be wearing a variation of her dress (less sexy looking on a pig) and a blonde wig (which would fall apart, like she was losing her hair), and which was trained to perform simple tricks, and respond readily to the name 'Katharina'.  Meanwhile, she would slip down the trapdoor where the pig had been while Marcel 'proved' to the crowd that the pig was really his assistant, showing that she recognized her own name and instructing her to do a few things.  Below the stage, she would remove all the piggish accoutrements, deflate her dress, and wait for the instantaneous, smoke-concealed change back, when she would again switch places with her porcine stand-in.  Her restoration would appear to be from Marcel's kiss (he was well known for kissing his assistants and volunteers), and the lights would go up to find the magician beside his now-human-again assistant, and then both would take a bow.  All in all, it would be a fine feat of illusion.

Katharina was amused by the proposition.  The model-turned-magician's assistant didn't care too much for pigs, but thought that it would make an excellent spectacle, and there was something slightly intriguing about the fiction of someone as beautiful and refined as her reduced to a fat, squealing animal, and acting like a graceless hog.  She rather expected that was why Marcel had chosen a pig to be the form she would supposedly assume, in addition to their similarity in size and color (after all, a pig transformation didn't have to account for fur).  She wondered if he found the concept to be a turn-on; a beautiful woman as a simple beast.  She decided against that, however; Marcel was simply an excellent showman, and knew what extremes provoked the best reactions from an audience.  Indeed, after the final spectacle had been announced, some excitement had risen up over the idea.  It was interesting to hear of so many people invested in her forthcoming transformation, and of so many people suspending disbelief to fantasize about a person actually becoming and living as a something else entirely.  

Most of it was silly to her, but she was a little bothered by the extremes some people seemed to go to in their anticipation.  She had been shown a disturbing photo-manipulation of herself with a snout, floppy ears, and more that had been widely disseminated on the internet.  It disturbed her that some people might want her to truly be turned into a fat pig, that they would prefer her remain as an animal than as a woman.  Still, it was just an illusion, and just harmless fun for almost everyone.  She could ignore the bizarre desires of a few perverts for her partner's crowning exhibition.  Besides, it was hard in any event to imagine such a gorgeous specimen of femininity grunting on all fours, forever an animal.  

She smiled to herself, thinking of Marcel Astor, and the feel of his arms around her.  She had been his lover for almost two years, and she still felt butterflies in her stomach occasionally.  He was married, of course; so their love was by necessity secret.  Besides, Marcel had a certain family-friendly reputation as an entertainer that needed to be maintained.  But how much more than his wife she understood him, appreciated him!  Katharina and Marcel were meant to be, she was certain.  She loved him more than anything.

It wasn't that Katharina hated Jean Astor; she rarely gave the woman much thought.  Certainly, she wasn't impressed with her intelligence; yes, she and Marcel were discrete, but what woman could be so thoroughly deluded?  Jean was a mere given to her, an occasional roadblock, much like an inconvenient regular meeting that had to be scheduled around.  Katharina seldom thought of her by name.

The beauty examined her dress, a black, slinky affair that showed off her exquisite form perfectly.  It was made out of an incredibly stretchy material, although it would look like satin to the audience.  She smoothed a wrinkle out of the dress, then turned up to see Marcel admiring her.  He'd seen it on her before, of course – they had only practiced this trick dozens of times.  In a way, it was kind of fun, feeling the dress inflate around her body while she waddled around the floor, squealing like a pig, adding more and more of her bestial disguise before she switched places with the fat, good natured sow that was supposed to be her.  It was a bit disconcerting being around a pig that shared her name, but Katharina the pig was a sweet animal, and more fun to work with than Katharina the woman had expected.  Her experiences with the pig over the last few weeks had rather improved her opinion of the species, although it still bothered her that some people might prefer her to be this animal rather than herself.  Marcel had laughed off her concerns, saying she had it backwards – people wanted Katharina to be 'in' the pig, as a hidden treasure – rather like a prince hidden in a toad.  He insisted that no one would prefer the pig to her.  They wanted to be the one in on the secret, knowing where the beautiful treasure was hidden.  She had her doubts, but she had just smiled and agreed, going on with the practices quietly.  Marcel had enough on his mind without her small concerns about other people's opinions, and she was unwilling to burden him with them any further.

"You look fantastic," Marcel said warmly, looking at the curve of her body.

"Thanks," Katharina replied, batting her eyelashes coquettishly.  "But I won't look like this for long!"  It had become something of a game for them, pretending that she would truly become undesirable, and whether he would still love her.  Marcel activated her dress, and Katharina swelled out slowly to her fat pig proportions, the 'seams' pulling apart and revealing supposed pigflesh, her tail falling out, and her contacts darkening to black.  He swept the big, barrel-shaped girl into his arms, and kissed her passionately.  

"You know I'll always love you, my sweet," he drawled suavely, "However you look, and whatever you are!"  He kissed her again, and she giggled and grunted lightly, pretending to make loving her harder on him.  Her broad, demure smile betrayed the game though, and they kissed again as he shrunk her dress back down to hug her appealing figure – the treasure hidden within the disguise.  And she did feel like a princess.

Privately, Katharina began to fantasize about what it would be like to truly change, and to live as an animal.  After some time to contemplate the idea, she didn't think it would be all bad.  The idea of hidden knowledge, of being the one in on the secret, appealed to her powerfully – a princess biding her time, waiting for the right moment to reveal herself.  Possessing knowledge like that, that she was more than what others could see, almost seemed empowering – a book not to be judged by her cover.  But she kept these thoughts to herself – how weird would people think it was for a gorgeous, successful woman to want to be a fat, grunting sow?  Still, she finally understood what people found so enchanting about her being 'inside' an obese hog.  She was certain that she would enjoy pretending to become one.  

At last, the night came.  For most of the illusions, Katharina either played no part or only helped display it, selecting audience members to examine machinery or introducing the occasional video clips required while others set up the next illusion.  A few tricks required her to personally perform the slight-of-hand with Marcel instead being the showman, like the 'zig-zag girl' stunt.  But for most, her skills as a model served her better.  The illusionist was in his prime, and the crowd gasped and clapped as he made huge objects appear and disappear, levitated a rose, entered the audience and made their personal trifles disappear or multiply.  He made himself appear to teleport, and her to levitate.  Each illusion garnered more applause than the last.

The show was incredible, and Katharina barely noticed the hours flow by.  Her transformation was coming up, and she was in her black dress.  At the booming sound of her partner's showman's voice, she sashayed out onstage, smiling radiantly and waving lightly to the assembled applause.  "For your viewing pleasure," Marcel boomed, "I will, for my last magnificent feat, change my own lovely assistant into a fat, squealing pig!"  The crowd cheered, and Katharina wandered to the center of the stage, where her prosthetics were hidden in shallow compartments unseen to the audience.  She waved one last time, then demurely folded her hands, looking expectantly at her partner.  He was in fine form tonight, and she knew she was looking her best.  This would be his crowning achievement.  

Marcel stepped back, pointing his wand at Katharina, twirling the tip and reciting a string of made-up words, and lightly touching her on the nose.  She smiled broadly, waiting for the first sensations of her dress and nose expanding, cuing her to begin her performance.

A moment passed, and Katharina noticed no smoke was yet dimming the air.  That was a crucial factor of this trick – she needed brief periods of invisibility to make the substitutions.  She opted not to worry – this was her partner's forte, and he would see that everything went well.  Then, the beautiful woman began to feel a slight fluttering in her belly, like an itch on her insides.  She ignored it – she didn't have to remain on stage for long, and would not ruin the ultimate spectacle by feeling a little sick.  As Marcel chanted, though, she began to feel a little lightheaded, and took a deep breath.  As she did, she snorted.  

Katharina was a bit embarrassed to have made such a sound, but at least it fit the character of her metamorphosis.  She looked down at her folded hands, and started slightly.  Her usually perfectly manicured hands were looking rather dingy, and her nails had thickened!  She swallowed hard, hoping that it was the lighting, or her contacts firing prematurely.  She raised them to her face in wonder, then felt a twitching in her stomach as she began to expand.  It took a moment for that to register on her mind – she was expanding, not her dress!  She opened her mouth to call out to Marcel, but only a simple squeal came out, in which even she could barely make out his name.  Her small tusks poked out of her mouth as she did so, and numbly she ran her tongue over her lower teeth.  They were not prosthetics, but her own teeth.  What was going on?

Marcel seemed unaware of her distress, as he continued his chant, occasionally addressing the audience.  Unfortunately, her squeals did not arouse his attention; it was what she was supposed to be doing.  Another squeal rose from her throat as she felt her nose turn up, quite independent of any inflatable bladders – if those were even still in her nose.  

The radiant model snuffled in panic, as she felt a strange sensation along her developing potbelly, rubbing against the soft material of her dress.  They were her new nipples, she realized in terror – small points of porcine femininity.  She felt her ears twitch, as they began to point and push through her flaxen hair.  She raised her hands to her face, now crusty with larger, harder nails, and squealed loudly.  Marcel looked at her, slight questioning in his eyes at her behavior – she was supposed to act like she was enjoying the change, like it was pleasurable to her.  Her ad-libbing to make it seem like a slightly scary thing seemed to be playing well with the crowd, though, and Marcel didn't dare look like anything was a surprise to him.  Instead, he smiled triumphantly at his changing assistant, wondering what led Katharina to reconsider her reaction.  

Katharina was not really in pain – there was some slight discomfort and queasiness associated with her change, but much of that came from her fear.  Really, it felt fairly good – like her features were gently settling into new places rather than cracking and reforming.  As it went on, the pleasurable feelings increased, but Katharina was focused on her now inarticulate fear.  She watched her hooves solidify, and practically fell out of her high-heeled shoes.  She stumbled on her ungainly new feet, then fell to her knees, looking up at her partner with incomprehension.  The Teutonic beauty was growing ever fatter, and the seams on her dress began to give way at last.  Katharina squealed in surprise – her dress wasn't giving way like it was supposed to!  She raised her arms and looked down at her now-visible side, watching it grow into the flank of a fat pig.  The middle back of the dress pulled apart as well to accommodate her bulky form, and there was a sudden murmur of appreciation as her curly pink tail twitched to life, pushing out of her exposed flesh.  The split in her dress showed off rather more of her bottom than the pretty model felt appropriate, but that was the least of her concerns right now.  

The beautiful pig-girl snuffled in shocked awe, feeling the gentle twitches in her body.  The pleasurability of the change seemed to increase as it went on, muting her scared snuffling and dulling her reaction time.  Katharina's mouth and nose joined into one long snout, and the sudden pleasing shock caused her to toss her head back and squeal in a sudden fit of satisfaction.  Her eyes snapped open in alarm at the action, and she wondered what had come over her.  She suddenly tipped over on her hands and knees, her glorious blonde tresses flying in her face, at the shock.  

Marcel smiled down at his piggish assistant, noticing her sudden change in demeanor.  Looking over her changing body, it suddenly struck him – there was no smoke in the air – he could see her with perfect clarity, and so could everyone else!  He stepped frantically on the concealed button to release some mist, to give Katharina the screen she needed to make her change, and then realized in horror, as he looked at her oversized but perfectly formed hooves and flopping ears, that she was past the point where she would need to put on her prosthetics.  She was actually developing hooves, right before his eyes!  He swallowed dryly, taking in his beloved assistant's fattening form.  Katharina's dress was torn in ways it wasn't designed to emulate, and he could clearly see her heaving sides and twitching tail.  They weren't the material of the costume – they were actual flesh.  The same was true for her hooves, ears, and snout.  Katharina was really turning into a pig!  Marcel didn't know how this was possible, but knew he couldn't disrupt the flow of the program – what was the problem?  His trick was actually working?  Besides, Katharina didn't seem to be in pain, her bestial snorts almost sounded contented.  His mind just couldn't get fully around the situation to develop a plan of action.

Kneeling before him, Katharina was very much still scared, all the more since her body seemed to be welcoming the change.  The gorgeous girl felt her stunning, full breasts tighten, and begin to pull back into her round torso.  She expected to feel utter panic at their loss, and was startled to feel pleasure, as though she had no need of breasts and was only changing for the better.  As a model, her job was very much dependant on the inviting orbs, and she found more fear in her apathy than in their loss.  She squealed again in physical pleasure, almost orgasmic now in intensity, as her other teats filled out, and her breasts shrunk towards the same size.  In a sudden burst of bliss, her legs snapped into their new joints, realigning her shorter legs with the great mass of her belly.  Her neck filled out and twitched, aligning her head properly with her body for a quadruped, and her beautiful face filled out to match it.

Katharina was more pig than woman now, and cringed in blissful fear of her fate.  Her constant happy squeals seemed to entertain the crowd, although they stabbed at her own heart.  Her bottom had pulled almost completely out of her dress now, although it resembled a human rear no longer.  The graceful curves of her firm, rounded butt had become one large piece of sloping flesh, crowned with an energetic curled tail.  Her arms and legs shriveled fully into their squat new forms, and a pleasant snapping in her shoulders told her that she no longer had arms at all.  Her forehead sloped backwards, bringing her clouding eyes to the sides of her snout, which now dominated her thick face.  She squealed again, trying to convey her fear along with her audible pleasure.  Her soft breasts finally pulled fully back into fat pig dugs, and filled her with a blissful charge that was almost sexual in intensity.  A calm feeling fell over Katharina, filling her with the sensation of rightness, that she was supposed to be a pig.  Her mind rebelled at this insult, and the once-beautiful model squealed loudly, trying to make her predicament known.

Marcel continued to stare down at his lover dumbfounded, as the point where she would switch places with the pig came and went.  Of course, with how things were going, there was no need for such a switch; Katharina was making a fine figure of a sow.  He could see the fear in her, through the mask of contentment, and knew that the change was a surprise to her, and not a pleasant one.  The illusionist swallowed numbly, wondering what was happening, and what could be done.  He was no sorcerer – this was none of his doing, despite pretensions, and he didn't know how long it would last or whether she might change back immediately.  

Katharina's rotund body was trembling in bliss, as waves of pleasure shot through the frightened pig-girl.  Her belly continued to fill out, finally pushing the rags of her dress past their limit, and they tore off completely, revealing her fat pink frame to the whole assemblage.  Her soft skin began to roughen, giving the sow a thick pig's hide, dotted with sparse bristles of white hair.  Her shining eyes finally grew beady, completing the metamorphosis of her face.  Her soft blonde hair loosened from her head, and as she thrashed it in the orgasmic sensations, it fell to the floor, finally leaving her wedge shaped skull entirely bald.  Her obese belly finally stopped growing outward, and she felt her insides twist and churn as her privates finished their metamorphosis, leaving the gorgeous model as a fully functional sow, ready to live a pig's life.  Katharina's body was wracked by a final, intense shudder, the most powerful feeling of her life, as it finished reshaping into her new form.

Katharina squealed in absolute terror as she felt her lover's power flow out of her ample body, leaving her as nothing but a common domestic sow.  The fat pig squealed loudly, then began to feel the weight of her inner hog, consuming her senses.  She squealed wildly, trying to draw attention to her new problem, as her human intelligence was consumed in instinct, readying her for her new life.  The events of the beautiful woman's life flashed before her mind's eye, as each was lessened by a competing porcine notion.  As the process advanced, her squealing subsided – piggish contentment was filling her mind.  In the end, the small feeling of identity, of Katharina Eberhardt, was smothered in layers of satisfied pig.  It was like the life of the woman had happened to someone else, and the fat hog had merely observed it.  She was, and always had been, a pig.  The fat beast grunted in contentment.  

"Katharina?" Marcel gasped, as the audience applauded the beautiful blonde woman's metamorphosis into a bloated, fat sow, unaware that it had not been intended.  The sow looked up at her name, grunting unconcernedly.  She was a pig – what would weigh on her mind?  She looked around at the standing ovation, and had some small inkling that it was for her.  She squealed loudly in salute to her audience, then defecated on the stage, turning to smell her own pungent droppings.  The audience burst into laughter at the sight, enjoying what they assumed to be the fiction of the gorgeous model behaving like a common pig.  Still, many felt it a happy fiction, and like with all magic shows, pretended like it was true.  

Flabbergasted, Marcel called her name, winning the sow's attention, and had her trot around, roll over, and finally, with much help, stand awkwardly on her small back hooves to receive his kiss.  She willingly did as he instructed, her human intelligence and memories translating to a particularly clever and well-trained pig.  Katharina was happy for the attention, if only in a simple way, and did her best to make him proud of her.  Unfortunately, the kiss had no effect on the young sow, and she fell back to all fours after his panicked caress.  "Die ich rief, die Geister!" Marcel muttered to himself in shock.  

Numbly, Marcel ended the best performance of his career with a showman's flourish, the astounded audience thundering their appreciation, and roaring for an encore.  With a blanched complexion, Marcel led the fat sow to the edge of the stage, waving to the crowd as she snorted happily.  He led Katharina to the stairs, frequently summoning her attention by name, and guided the rotund hog down and into the crowd.  Many began to clap him on the back and shake his hand, and many also patted the fat sow, feeling the porcine flesh of the once-beautiful woman.  The grunting model loved the affection, and pressed back excitedly against the friendly hands, turning eagerly to face anyone who called out her name.  The audience was astounded at how realistic the change had been, and how much this fat sow seemed to act like she was truly Katharina.  To a man, the audience allowed themselves to be taken with the presumption that the pig really was the transformed woman.  The fact that Marcel Astor had chosen to leave his assistant as a sow, and then to let her socialize with them as one, impressed the crowd greatly, as a dramatic improvement over immediately changing her back.  It improved the magic act so much more to leave the transformation stand, as if it could last.

As the fat sow giddily wandered amongst the crowd, she happily squealed to a couple of small children who were calling her name, and rubbed her snout against them.  One, a little boy, clambered up onto her fat back, excitedly waving to his parents.  The girl wanted a ride too, and he helped pull her up onto the enormous sow's back.  Katharina squealed merrily, happy to serve as a mount for the children.  The sow was enormously fat, and could easily support the extra weight – and she did enjoy the attention.  Eventually, they got off of her, going back to their smiling parents and letting more people see and touch her.  The sow loved children – she felt a sudden, welcome longing to bear a big litter of piglets – and was glad to play with any that wanted to touch her.  Most parents did let their children touch her – she was obviously a tame hog, after all.  Everyone was excited to feel the model as a plump sow – she remembered vaguely that this sort of attitude had once bothered her, but she dismissed the feelings without much consideration.  She was enjoying herself.

Marcel and the sow continued to press up against innumerable people, all happy to see her as a pig.  Soon, though, they pressed up against a few other people who seemed smug, rather than openly excited.  The bloated hog didn't make anything of it, she just rubbed gleefully up against each, who all took the time to say "Hello, Katharina," in a satisfied tone of voice, drawing her personal attention.  The fat sow was just glad to be among so many people who knew her name, and grunted and squealed eagerly, to their deep amusement.  They each fondled the hog's rotund body, taking in the sensations of the grunting model.  They seemed to accept her as a pig without any sense of awe at it, only amusement.  Then she was past them, turning to hear others call her name.  The sow never noticed that they didn't speak to her partner.  

Eventually, the procession ended, and Marcel took the rotund sow back up onto the empty stage.  He swallowed numbly, wanting to try once more at turning her human.  With a nervous flourish, he kissed her snout again, wishing and praying for her to be restored.  Suddenly, the content pig twitched, shuddering, and began to change.  

Quickly her golden hair flowed out, her body thinned, her limbs stretched out, and her face reformed, leaving the rotund Landrace sow again as a beautiful model, crouched on all fours.  Katharina blinked, feeling a strange sense of loss, of disappointment.  Suddenly, the beauty realized that she was entirely naked.  Quickly putting her hands over her breasts and her privates, she turned to face the audience, smiling nervously.  Her firm, round behind had been visible to all, displayed entirely on the giant screens to the sides of the stage.  Katharina was embarrassed, but even that feeling was submerged in the shock of having actually turned into a fat sow.  How was that even possible?  And Katharina had enjoyed it.  She remembered her simpler pig's mind, and the wonder she had at the clapping audience.  She quickly thought of the most complicated things she knew, wondering at her changing mind.  She couldn't think as clearly as before – had something of her pig-self followed her back?  She didn't know, and didn't know if she'd be opposed to it if it had.

Marcel stepped behind the naked beauty, disguising her bottom from the rear cameras.  Waving to the crowd with one hand, he wrapped the other arm around her full bosom, freeing one of hers.  She patted down her greatly disheveled hair, then waved too, smiling radiantly.  She clearly didn't know what had happened either, but she was such a trooper, going along with things and casually taking what had to be the most embarrassing moments of her life.  Suddenly, Katharina spied her small pile of pig dung, which she had deposited on the stage.  "Goodness, was that me?" she asked coyly, hiding her shame.  The audience burst into good-natured laughter.  The sow-turned-model looked down at her pile of steaming pig dung, and wondered at her total sense of freedom, that she had idly produced it.  In a way, it interested her primally, to be that free.  On an even baser level, she wanted to get down on her hands and knees and smell it.  It took a surprising effort to resist the urge and make light of it.  "I am quite the dirty little piggy, aren't I?" she asked demurely.  She knew that her perfect bottom was stained with her own pig dung, that it had been visible to everyone.  Why couldn't she stop thinking about it?  Why couldn't she stop drawing attention to it?  Was she really that proud about defecating in public?  It dawned on the pretty sow that she was.  

"Marcel, I do believe someone needs to muck out my sty!" she announced proudly.  The audience cheered her good-natured humor.  The former pig grinned warmly, but really had no desire for her filth to be taken away from her.  Her stool laid there as an ongoing reminder to her and everyone else that she had been a pig, and she didn't want that link broken.  She loved her droppings, and again had to resist the temptation to stick her elegant nose in it; a struggle that she was losing.  She could see no logical reason why she should deny herself.

"My assistant, the sow!" Marcel said loudly, and the applause increased.  Katharina's face broke into a wide smile, and she squealed proudly for her fans.  Oh, how she wished that she could drop to all fours and waddle around the stage!  She certainly didn't want to say anything other than simple grunts or squeals.  She found she loved hearing Marcel call her a sow – she hoped he would keep it up.

But the euphoria of the stage was short-lived.  The televised performance was over, but Marcel was under contract to perform a shortened version of the show in San Diego every evening for five months.  They both wondered nervously: what had happened?  Would it happen again?  There were no answers for the magician and his secret lover.  Marcel was a wreck, and even Katharina was nervous, the rapture and immediacy of the transformation growing dimmer the more hours passed.  She was disgusted with herself for how much she'd liked being a bloated sow and how much she was still curious about exploring it.  She even locked herself into the bathroom and was sick before the first show.

At last it came again, and they nervously returned to the stage to a sold-out house.  They started with the usual illusions, appearances and disappearances, prediction tricks, making her dresses transform, walking through solid objects, decapitations.  At last, the time came for the pig transformation.  Of course, Marcel had tried to remove it, but it was the most popular illusion of the new show, and his sponsors wouldn't hear of it.  They were emphatic: Katharina Eberhardt was to become a sow in every performance for the entire five months.  Nervously, she smoothed the black fabric of her replacement dress (like all magician's props, they had several spares) as Marcel introduced the trick, and then she demurely approached to be enchanted.  Again, all her props were in place, but again, they were all unneeded.  

She felt it again, the tugging feeling of her body beginning to change.  She squealed, her eyes wide, as she felt her nose and mouth pull outward into a snout, her fingers and toes beginning to stiffen into hooves.  She knew what to expect now, and the feelings, still as pleasurable as before, returned like old friends.  She got down on all fours, feeling like it was the right thing to do.  Soon she was fattening, her body becoming that of a sow, her arms and legs shrinking and resettling into her massing bulk.  Her clothing tore, her curly tail reemerging and wiggling about in anticipation.  Again, her big breasts deflated, joining her other teats, and her hair fell out, revealing the piggish shape of her head.  Her body settled into its last few changes, again leaving only a fat hog.  Her sense of self diminished, replaced with the content sow.  She grunted happily, feeling at peace.

Again Marcel had her perform, and took her through the crowd as part of his usual handshaking.  Again people, and especially children, marveled at the hog, touching and petting her.  She was very happy.  She didn't notice that some of the people were the same as before, including the small group of smug men – although this time they addressed her as 'pig' instead of 'Katharina'.  She wasn't as good at telling people apart any more.  

The man and the hog retuned to the stage, and again his caress triggered her reversion, and quickly Katharina the woman found herself naked and on all fours, grunting.  She felt a sense of loss at losing her pig self, slightly more acute than before.  Her fevered mind raced as she covered herself quickly.  Had she descended deeper into the pig's mindset this time?  They waved as the curtain came down, both pale as ghosts.

They retired to her dressing room, almost more scared than the first time.  What was causing this?  It couldn't be coincidence!  There was someone behind it.  Could Jean Astor somehow be to blame?  Obviously they couldn't confront her.  What if they were wrong?  They had to keep the affair secret.  But who else would hate them enough to do something like this, and how had they obtained such power?  Real magic wasn't supposed to exist.  They talked over what they should do fruitlessly, neither coming to any useful conclusions.  Katharina went to bed alone, lying awake for hours first.  Distressingly, she couldn't shake the sense of rightness of being a sow.

They continued to perform, unable to avoid their obligation.  The next night was the same, and again they approached it with dread, only to watch helplessly as Katharina again became a fat sow.  Night after night, Katharina fattened and changed, becoming a bloated, grunting hog.  Each time, it felt like the rightest thing in the world.  Her snout, her hooves, her tail – these felt better to her than hair or fingers or breasts.  In her nervous, skittish life, it became the only moment of real peace that she experienced.  Each time, the pig part of her seemed more real, more true, than the human part.  She began to grow used to the disappointment of becoming human again at the end, and privately looked forward to her time as a fat and happy sow.  

The first month passed and then the second.  After each performance, the lovers would try to think of some explanation, and Marcel spent every waking hour researching magic, trying to find something not founded in illusion.  They tried to reason out a culprit, to no avail.  Jean certainly didn't seem to act differently towards them.  Astor had enemies, rival magicians he had professionally offended, but they were mere illusionists as well.  There seemed to be no explanation for true sorcery.

Katharina and Marcel's sex life suffered, but didn't end entirely.  He was self-conscious with her now, as though nervous that she'd transform during lovemaking.  But he had said that he would always love her, regardless of what she looked like.  Oh, such sentiment was easier when they were mere words!  Now, his lover was a fat sow a little bit every day.  It bothered him in a hard-to-describe way, that he was making love with something that, mere hours before, had been a disgusting, grunting sow.  

As time passed, some of her piggish behavior followed Katharina back.  She found herself grunting sometimes, and once started walking on all fours before she realized it was wrong.  Clothing began to feel – not uncomfortable, exactly, but wrong in some ill-defined way.  She was fortunate that most of her slips were in private, or alone with Marcel.  She redoubled her efforts of carrying herself gracefully in public, although it was possible such slips would only be seen as advertisement.  She had seen a video clip of her performance from the original show on the internet, transforming beautifully into a hog.  In two months, it had garnered a half million views.  She found herself watching it repeatedly, too.  It was fun to see her gorgeous body metamorphose into a fat hog – normally, she just got to feel it.

As the third month came and went, the show's success only grew.  The house was sold out every night.  Professional illusionists were at a loss on how to explain how the trick was done – most wouldn't even venture a guess.  Of course, Katharina knew that the only illusion was that it was an illusion.  The strain was beginning to take its toll on the magician and his lover.  Katharina had only one respite – her time as a hog.  Unfortunately, that was a mere fifteen minute window at the end of each show.  She suggested to Marcel that they mix up some elements of the program to keep things fresh, and he reluctantly agreed.  One of the changes she suggested was tuning into a pig earlier in the program, and using her in the place of most of the other animals in other illusions.  Marcel got a strange look on his face when she suggested it.  But finally he acquiesced, and Katharina found herself happily a fat sow for nearly an hour every evening; the majority of her other 'human' tricks compressed into the first third of the program.

She grew to luxuriate in the change.  The gradual shifting, her body fattening as the proper body parts took the place of the foreign elements (wait – she meant the foreign parts replacing the regular ones), was a release for the beautiful woman.  The good feelings coursing through her as her snout grew longer, her tail curled out, the generous swell of her breasts diminished, her fingers stiffened to hooves; these became, in a strange sort of way, her favorite parts of each day.  Being a fat hog was better even than the accolades of a crowd; better than sex with Marcel.

Night after night, she experienced it.  Her squat, barrel-shaped body felt so right as it swelled, her legs and forelegs (wait – she meant arms) shortening and setting into their new sockets filling her with purpose.  She could smell the other sow – the unused pig secreted under the stage that had never been needed – and wanted to socialize with her.  She did, occasionally, as a human; but didn't tell Marcel about it.  How would he react to her gradual decision that she would rather be a sow than a woman?

Marcel had noticed the same group of smug men in the audience several times, and confided in Katharina that he thought they might have something to do with the transformation.  At first, she didn't care – she no longer viewed it as a curse, so why worry about the how of it?  But then she considered the remaining month and a half of the show.  What would happen to her after it was over?  Would she be trapped as a woman forever, always denied her nightly periods as a hog?  She grew nervous, and eager to find the cause of her piggification – if only to beg for its permanence.  Turning back into a human was becoming a distressing experience for the hog.  

But as the fourth month passed and the fifth began, Marcel too began to find a growing comfort with the arrangement.  There was something appealing about the idea of one thing masquerading as another; the beautiful hidden thing only he knew the secret to – in this case, that there was no illusion.  Others looked at pig-Katharina and only saw a model pretending to be a pig; he knew that there was more to the story.  She was his buried treasure, his beautiful woman hidden in a fat sow – or was that his plump hog hidden in a gorgeous woman?  Both bodies had begun to seem like treasures, albeit in different ways.  He quietly began to enjoy the times when his lover was a fat pig; relish the companionship of the animal.  He liked that she was both woman and pig, but became less concerned about the idea of Katharina always remaining a pig.  The loss of a secret lover would allow for the gain of a public pet.  He could find other lovers, if need be – he was a handsome, popular, and rich man.

Marcel did his best to investigate the strange men, but could find nothing special about them, either.  There seemed to be no good leads as to who the author of Katharina's metamorphosis was.  With his newfound acceptance of her piggishness, Katharina allowed herself to fall into more overtly porcine behavior when they were alone together, trotting about naked on all fours and grunting.  She was still beautiful, but he found himself strangely not growing aroused by her buxom form.  He was just proud of her, of how much like a pig she had become.

As the last month passed, both lovers contented themselves with living in the moment; the sow enjoying her time as a pig.  Perhaps they could incorporate the trick into other routines, and prolong the mysterious force that made her a sow.  But they wouldn't give up the time worrying about the future.  Still, the last evening came too quickly, and as determined as they were to enjoy themselves, it was still like opening the last Christmas present.  There was some regret that crept in.

As always, Marcel started the trick, and as always, no trick occurred.  Katharina got down onto all fours in anticipation, feeling her nose twitch as the nostrils lifted, turning up to face forward.  She squealed happily, feeling her tiny tusks grow, and her jaw slide forwards to join the modest but growing snout.  She twitched her long ears, feeling them rise on her head, and tossed her hair back.  She was getting fatter, the comforting heaviness of her squat body reassuring her, and her arms and legs thickened and shortened into her bulging torso.  Her black dress ripped as she exceeded its limits, her gorgeous body quickly reshaping to that of a fat pig.

She oinked again at Marcel, feeling her eyes dim, her neck twisting up to allow her enlarging head to align properly for her quadruped form.  Her blonde hair kept falling in her eyes, but she knew that soon it would be gone.  Her hands and feet solidified into hooves, feeling solid on the ground beneath her ballooning weight.  She squealed proudly as Katharina faded, as the pig emerged.

Her heavy breasts deflated, shrinking back into sagging dugs, even as the rows of other coarse teats grew in.  The pig loved this part, the feeling of having enough nipples to nurse a litter.  Beautiful breasts were much less desirable to her than being able to nurture pigs.  The sow's hair faded away, her body proportions settling, and as always, Katharina had been replaced by a very fat sow.

She squealed in anticipation as the mental sensations flowed in, diminishing her human half in favor of a hog's mentality.  She'd long since stopped fighting it, and within seconds, it had faded to background noise.  She was truly a pig again, in body and spirit, just as she was meant to be.  She grunted happily, turning to Marcel, and being led around to prove that the pig and the woman were the same.

Again, he took her through the crowd, letting people touch her.  And again they returned to the stage and finished out the show.  But this time, his caress did nothing.  Marcel blinked in surprise.  She wasn't changing back!  He expected to feel fear, but didn't.  At that moment, he felt only relief.  She was a pig.  There were no more questions or maybes.  Just one indisputable sow.  This time, the curtain dropped on a man and a pig.  The hog, for her part, couldn't have been happier.

He took some time to acclimate himself to the new situation, the new reality.  His former lover was permanently a sow.  Katharina seemed eager to meet the other pig, and Marcel acceded, taking her to where the other hog was penned.  The two sows ran over to each other, eagerly smelling the porcine odors of the other.  Marcel noticed that Katharina was a little larger than the sow he had chosen for her double, but a fairly good match – he had chosen well.  He was a little disturbed to watch his once-gorgeous assistant bury her snout in the other pig's rear.  He had to remember, she was truly a pig – it was not just her appearance that had changed.  "Come here, Katharina," he said, and both hogs trotted over to him.  He had forgotten that the other one had the same name as his lover.

Marcel remembered his game with Katharina, when he had professed his love to her, regardless of form.  He had never imagined that she would truly become a pig.  But he found he did still love her, even if it wasn't the same way.  Even as a fat sow, Katharina was his rock.

The next day, Katharina was still a pig.  The reporters came to the Astor home, interviewing the great illusionist and watching the fat sow his assistant now was perform simple tricks.  "Why the change in the program?" asked one reporter.  "When will you 'change' Katharina back?"

Marcel smiled, steeling himself not to reveal the secret to the world.  "It made for a much better show, I think," he said in false calmness.  "As for when I'll change her back, I don't know – I must say, I rather like Katharina as a sow.  Moreover, she deeply likes her new body – I really have no plans to change her back right now.  I guess it'll be when the spirit moves me."

"She prefers being a pig?"

"Why not?  Look at her.  She has everything made.  She doesn't have any concerns or worries, she just eats and plays.  Far from it, she considers her human life the waste, and her pig life the fitting form.  Why, she's been turned into a pig over a hundred and fifty times, and she finally just wanted to stay a pig for awhile," he blustered.  

Still, Marcel felt a duty to try and change her back.  Gathering his magic accoutrements and his sparse research, he tried everything he knew.  But finally, he was forced to come to the realization that the gorgeous girl would always be a fat sow.  There was no point in maintaining the fiction that he would ever change her back.

The only trick would be explaining it to others.  After all, deep down, almost no one really believed in magic.  They all thought the Teutonic beauty was vacationing, perhaps outside the country, to promote the illusion.  After six months, people didn't know what to think.  A handful did even believe that the hog was truly Katharina.  After a year and then two, that impression had begun to catch on.  A criminal investigation revealed no hint of wrongdoing, and there was no suspect other than Marcel, who insisted that she was the sow, and not kidnapped or worse.  The recording of the sow's transformation was examined by the FBI and numerous other illusionists, who were all unable to detect any foul play.  It seemed remotely possible, as bizarre as it sounded, that Katharina had actually physically metamorphosed into a fat pig.  Why the busty blonde beauty would choose to become and remain a bloated sow was quite another question, though, and could not be answered satisfactorily.

Ironically, the only illusion was that the blubbery sow had retained her full human mind.  No one suspected that she was entirely a pig, and Marcel kept that illusion alive – her willingness was his primary justification for keeping her a sow.  And, to be sure, the pig did retain her human memories – just buried deep enough that they were a mere curiosity, like information she knew about an old friend she hadn't seen for a long time.  

Marcel's already significant reputation exploded, and demand for his magic skyrocketed.  He used the fat sow in his shows, making the pig fly and other simple tricks, and occasionally used mirrors and the like to make it look like he had briefly changed her back into a human before she returned to her rightful pig form.  The good-natured sow took to this well, although she hardly understood it.  

If he was honest with himself, Marcel had to admit that there was something appealing about having Katharina as a pig.  Of course, there was a lot that he missed about her beautiful human form, but it was not as much of a loss as he expected.  The notion of a gorgeous, high-maintenance woman living as a fat grunting sow was mildly intriguing on its own, but the idea of that sow preferring it was strangely electrifying.  Moreover, every day he was around the hog, he became more used to her, more accepting of her role as a four hundred pound pig.  It just seemed right that she was a sow, and the things he missed seemed less and less important – and less and less real.

Indeed, Katharina Eberhardt would remain a fat sow for the rest of her life, to her eternal pleasure.  Were she intelligent enough to see the alternative, she would be glad of it.  She did make an excellent pig.
(woman to pig transformation)

Story warnings: nudity, adultery

Participating in a magic act with her partner, a beautiful model is reduced to a fat sow.

Iím sorry I havenít put out any stories for a few months Ė finding time to write has been a challenge. But I found this old story that Iíd started years back, and finished it and polished it up a little. Hopefully itíll entertain those of you that prefer stories to pictures.
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