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Where Are All the Pigs At by digitalcirce Where Are All the Pigs At by digitalcirce
(woman to pig transformation)

The day seemed like any other to Amelia.  The pretty farm girl started her chores, going through the routines that came to her so easily that she barely even had to think about them.  That is, until it came time to feed the pigs.  Amelia hummed to herself as she entered the sty, expecting to refresh the food and water for the fifty-odd swine owned by the farm.  So wrapped up was she in her own thoughts that she didn’t even notice the lack of grunting – of any sound at all, really.

But she realized something was wrong the second the door clicked shut behind her.  Amelia blinked in the dim light, unsure if her eyes were playing tricks on her.  The pigsty was empty – every last boar, sow, and piglet was gone!  “What the…” she muttered to herself, looking around.  Was a door left open?  Was there a hole in the wall?  Had they all escaped in the night?  A quick check showed nothing out of the ordinary.  There still seemed to be a fair amount of swill and water in the troughs.  But some of the piles of pig poop on the floor looked fairly fresh.  She had become reasonably inured to the scent of pig waste over the years, but they smelled fresh, too.  The hogs couldn’t possibly have been gone very long.

Amelia frowned.  Suddenly, the eerie silence of the pigsty was all too audible to her. With an unsettled feeling filling her belly, she wondered where all the hogs were.  But little did she realize, she had been selected to be the first to replace them.

It started with an itching feeling in her nose.  She scratched it idly, not noticing it begin to swell.  Unfortunately for her, by the time she did, it would be too late – she was destined not to own pigs, but to be one.  To spend her life on her side nursing piglets as a fat breeding sow.

Unaware of her impending fate, Amelia walked around, looking fruitlessly in each enclosure for clues.  As she did, a squiggling shape grew visible under her dress, above her large, round rump.  Amelia didn’t notice it, preoccupied as she was with her search, but if anyone had been standing behind her, it would be obvious to them that the pretty farm girl had grown a tail.

It seemed strange to her that all of the swine would be gone.  Even if a door had been left open or there was a hole in the wall, some of them would stay.  Older hogs, nursing sows, the ones too fat to be all that mobile – a few of them would have remained while the more adventuresome or curious or bored pigs wandered out to explore.  And if a thief had come in the night, with a truck large enough for so many pigs – well, he still wouldn’t take them all, either.  The piglets, the fertile sows, a couple of the younger boars, sure.  Any that would give a good return for his trouble.  But older or unmarketable hogs would have been left behind.

She frowned again, putting her hands on her hips, and puzzled it over.  Unbeknownst to Amelia, though, her ears had begun to point, sticking through her blonde tresses and flopping a little with their larger size.  Her nose, too, had continued to develop, and now it became broader and ridged as her once-elegant nostrils tipped up and flattened like the beasts she used to care for.

Of course, not all of her changes were visible.  Underneath her dress, large new nipples began to flower across her belly.  If she could see them, she would notice that they were paler and more primitively shaped than her original rosy nipples – more like the teats of a sow than the nipples of a woman.  They formed in two long rows under her original, generous breasts, complementing her ample human endowments with ones more useful for a mother of litters.  But even those changes were superficial compared to what was happening inside.  Amelia’s stomach gurgled a little, her only symptom of her wildly reshaping reproductive system.  Her uterus and cervix twisted and reformed, and all of the human eggs in her ovaries burnt away to be replaced by a lifetime supply of pig eggs.  As the change crept down her reproductive tract, her vagina twisted and curled to perfectly accommodate the coiled tumescence of a boar’s penis.  Eventually, those changes reached the end, and her vuvla became plump, thick, and leathery, her clit swelling so large that it poked out proudly from its now-inadequate protective hood.  All she felt was a sensation of warmth and a brief horny feeling, causing her to rub the front of her skirt thoughtlessly.

As her snout became more developed, though, her sense of smell improved radically.  Yes, she realized with startling clarity, those piles of pig poop were very fresh.  One was less than two hours old.  She was surprised at the specificity of her revelation, and returned instinctively to look at the pile of turds in question.  It was close to the center of the barn, and the light was not great there.  And as she looked at the pile, her eyes began to grow dimmer and piggish, her visual acuity dropping with the change.  Disoriented, Amelia waddled to a window, thinking she needed to let in more light.  But as she did so, her belly and butt swelled, making her dress feel uncomfortably tight, and her feet began to make a clopping sound as they pulled out of her shoes, twisting and hardening into small hooves of keratin.  Once free of her shoes, her outer toes shifted back, beginning to shrink into dew claws, while her big toes withered away entirely.

Amelia went over to one of the Dutch doors, throwing open the top half and leaning out into the sunlight.  She looked around the broad field ineffectually for any sign of her missing swine, little knowing that she herself would never actually leave this barn again.  Even looking outdoors like this would be a rare luxury for the fat animal.  

The pig-to-be didn’t notice her transformation continue, her elegant hands starting to change like her feet.  The middle fingers grew large and thick, beginning to develop their hard protective hooves.  Beside them, her pinky and index fingers began to shrink, losing the dexterity she had once enjoyed.  And her thumbs – the nimble opposable thumbs that were such a symbol of her fading humanity – well, those would eventually shrink away into nothingness.  Her hands were meant to walk on, nothing more.  If she wanted to pick something up, the young sow could always use her snout.  And sure enough, her teeth and tongue were changing in her mouth, her new tusks finally growing long enough to peek shyly out from under her lips.

Amelia leaned forward, looking left and right for answers that just weren’t there.  As she did so, her substantial breasts rolled forward, presenting her magnificent cleavage in a truly spectacular view.  The pretty farm girl had always had very large breasts, and was quite proud of them.  Most of her clothing showcased her beautiful melons and her deep cleavage.  It was a part of her beauty she unfortunately would not get to keep – after all, sows had no need for such large breasts.  As she looked around, she fattened even more, and only then started to become aware of the tightness of her clothes.  Her brow furrowed, and she tried to take a deeper breath, feeling constricted in her garments.  As she did so, she noticed a grunting sound – like a sow that had exerted herself too much.  Amelia looked around expectantly, hoping to see at least one plump pig returned to her.  But, of course, she was alone.  It was then that it began to dawn on her that she had made the sound – that her own voice had sounded just like a sow.

She breathed in deeply again, listening to the troubling sound of a pig snorting.  But before she could make too much of it, she felt her belly and thighs bulge again, this time swelling enough to make her clothes more than just uncomfortable.  Her hands flew to her belly, touching it, but was shocked to feel her new teats under the fabric rather than the contours she expected.  As her other hand snaked around to touch her butt, she felt the squiggling tube of her tail.  Amelia looked down in shock, and then she discovered the hooves her hands were quickly becoming.

She screamed, although the noise sounded like nothing more than a pig squealing, and stared in horror at the mutating mass of her hands.  Suddenly she became aware of the subtle, painless sensations of her transformation, and began to panic.  But the tightening of her dress quickly recaptured her attention, and she knew that she had to get out of the constricting garments before she was crushed.  Unfortunately, her new hooves weren’t ideal for undoing laces, so in desperation she simply took fistfuls of fabric and tore, ripping her pretty dress into rags.  Destroying her clothes would be the last thing she ever used her thumbs to do.

In her haste, she had torn off all her clothes – dress, blouse, bra, and panties – although she felt immense relief with them gone.  But she was a bit embarrassed by her nudity, too – what if someone saw her?

Of course, her nakedness wouldn’t be what they’d notice first.  The fat girl realized that as she took stock of the damage to her once-beautiful body, sinking to her knees in shock.  Under her immense swaying boobs, her new teats bulged out on her bloated belly.  Her thighs were thick with fat as well, and her elegant and rounded bottom was growing distressingly large.  But above her blubbery ass was her curly pig tail, flitting around now that it was free of its cloth prison.  And when she saw it, Amelia realized what it was she was turning into.  She was becoming a fat sow; her body beginning to resemble the animals she had always cared for.  Her loud squeal of outrage and despair filled the barn.

Amelia was very fat by now, but other mass changes were coming.  Her arms and legs both began to shrink, and her shoulders compacted in to her sides, reducing in flexibility to the range of motion a pig’s forelegs would have.  Slowly she dropped from her kneeling posture to all fours, as her body became less able to balance on two legs.  Her neck swelled with fat, her necklace becoming very tight around her new chins.  Soon it popped off, the thin chain no match for her substantial blubber.  And then the squealing woman’s lengthening spinal cord finally tipped her head up to face forward in her new posture.  

Amelia grunted, the sound deepening with her new vocal chords, as her facial features realigned.  Her large ears rose higher on her swelling head, and at last her snout began to grow out far enough that it enveloped and extended her mouth, as well.  Her dimmer eyes settled on the sides of it as red colors faded in sharpness, her pig eyes suited to seeing only the blue and green parts of the spectrum.  But even as her eyes weakened, her sense of smell grew exponentially more powerful.  She could smell more than the obvious smells, even though these came in crystal clarity with a wealth of new information.  She could smell the barn; moisture on the hay and old scents etched into the wood from years of use.  She could smell the swill, the odors of the pods and casings becoming distinct from the vegetable refuse and barley and the chalky scent that she realized were the vitamin supplements they added to the slop.  The scent of the individual piles of poop intensified, and she could suddenly tell the difference in their creators.  All of the pigs had their own individual odor, and the rich, earthy stink of their droppings reflected what their own smells would be like.  And she had a smell, too.  It was still changing, as human flesh gave way to thick pig fat, but it was very distinctive and not at all unpleasant to her new nose.  It was a cleaner smell than the others, still with a hint of soap, as she had not had time to get mud and pig offal caked on her body.  But even absent such piggish additions, it was still unique.  Any pig would recognize it as easily as a human could make out her face.

The sow-to-be grunted as her body continued to swell into a hog’s proportions.  Her neck finally thickened enough to make her now-huge head flow directly into her torso, and her legs shrank enough to bring her off her knees, standing comfortably on all four hooves as she would do from now on.  She raised each of her hooves in turn, realizing that they were now fully formed.  She had no chance of opening a door now – the knobs and latches were all high to frustrate escape.

Behind her, Amelia’s hind legs spread, fully revealing her more primitive anus and pussy.  She grunted, embarrassed, as the most private parts of her became a public spectacle.  Of course, there was nothing remotely human about her puckered butthole and bestial genitals now.  They would prove interesting only to pigs.  To the sides, the cheeks of her enormous butt flattened into her fat thighs, now completely those of a pig, and her torso lengthened, replacing her fat belly with a taut barrel shape.  Inside, her heart and lungs and stomach and intestines had all reformed into the ordinary organs of pigs.

Between her forelegs, though, one part of her finally started shrinking.  Her massive breasts hung low beneath her, the nipples almost touching the ground.  The big weights swayed under her as she shuddered, but their movement diminished as they began to tighten.  As they shrank, her boobs finally became small enough that they no longer formed cleavage, even with her forelegs pressing them together.  Her nipples grew paler and longer, looking more animalistic by the second.  Her areolas were much less prominent, the nipples long and thin.  She grunted, upset, as her amazing endowments abandoned her, thick breast flesh melting away until her boobs were completely indistinguishable from the rest of her pig teats.

Amelia was nearing the end, but the worst changes were still to come for the fat sow-to-be.  Her big head finished its transformation, her snout long and agile, and her dull brown eyes completely devoid of her former human expression.  But inside her thick skull, her brain changed, too.  It simplified, changing shape slightly as the primitive and instinct-based parts of it swelled, and the reasoning parts grew smaller.  She didn’t exactly forget anything she’d learned in her human life, but there was a definite cap on how much she could develop her cognitive capabilities now.  And porcine instinct flooded her head, becoming the default part of her brain for all involuntary actions.  Thinking like a woman, while possible, would always require a slightly larger expenditure of effort.

Outside, her hair loosened from her scalp, and finally the weight of her braid caused it to pull free, the long braided ponytail dropping to the dirty floor.  Her hair was replaced with thin white bristles all across her heavyset frame, although the parts of her body that she shaved did not yet grow very much.  And then… then it was over.  The beautiful woman was now an obese breeding sow.

The fat pig waddled about, squealing forlornly.  She wasn’t happy about becoming a pig, and had no idea how such a thing had happened.  Unfortunately for her, she would never be given any concrete answers.  She explored her new home from her lower perspective, sniffing around and taking in the sensory information that had been invisible to the former human.  She hated to do it, but after an hour, she had grown hungry, enough to stick her snout in the trough and gobble up pigswill.  She was surprised that it tasted – well, not great, but certainly not bad.  And it took her a while to eat her fill.  She was embarrassed by that – she was quite a fat sow already, easily topping three hundred and fifty pounds.  Did she really want to get even larger by gorging herself like a common hog?  But she found that she couldn’t help herself.  She needed to eat.

She couldn’t believe that she was an animal now, a fat beast indistinguishable from the ones she used to care for.  She didn’t mind pigs – kind of liked them, even – but she had certainly never desired to be one.  Dejectedly, the sow waddled from enclosure to enclosure, smelling everything and thoroughly investigating her much smaller world.  Eventually she came back to her braid of hair, and nosed at it with her snout.  That and the rags that had been her dress were her only tangible connections to her former life.

But eventually, the sow felt another distressing feeling – she needed to go to the bathroom.  She tried ineffectually to open the door with her snout, but she had no chance of freeing herself in time.  The sow had to accept that she would never sit on a toilet again.  She would always poop on the floor like the pig she now was.  And so she hunched down, her piggish butthole flaring wide around her bowel movement.  The waste fell from her big butt as she added to the smell of the sty.  And the former woman could smell it quite clearly.  She could tell that it was hers, the rich stench broadcasting her unique odor to the world.  She felt a fresh wash of embarrassment, as she succumbed to that humiliating aspect of life as an animal.

Afterwards, the pig tried to get away from it, but she could smell her own odor clearly wherever she went.  The sow had no way to wipe her dirty anus, so a weaker scent of it travelled with her wherever she waddled.  She was unhappily aware, that if anyone looked at her, they would not be able to tell that she was anything but an ordinary pig.  Alone with her thoughts, the beast wondered what would happen to her.  Would anyone else that worked on the farm discover her?  Would she be able to communicate what had happened, who she was?  Or was someone she knew responsible for this – had she been transformed into a sow on purpose – thus leaving her no hope of restoration?  Would she be alone, or be added to a herd of hogs?

The sow didn’t have to wait long to find out.  In the coming days, the sty was quickly filled, as dozens of other pigs were deposited by the people she had once known in their new home.  Some were clearly other transformed people, but some seemed to the sow to be ordinary hogs.  She was uncomfortable not being able to tell the difference.  And none of the other farm employees treated her as anything other than an ordinary sow, although one smirked as he collected her hair and her rags to take them off to the incinerator.  Within two weeks, the pigsty boasted sixty hogs, surpassing the original number of adult swine who had lived in the barn.  And no matter how much she squealed, she was treated like she belonged there.  

And that treatment included inaugurating her as a breeding sow.  The farm staff had to help the first boar up onto her back, but after that the males became much more assertive in initiating sex with the smelly sow and her new sisters.  She was mated repeatedly, but was deeply distressed to learn that she took a great deal of pleasure in the sensation.  Her thunderously powerful orgasms were fun in their own right, but also gave her a momentary reprieve from her existence as a pig – when she climaxed, the sensation grew to envelop her whole world, sparing her the indignity of conscious thought for about half an hour.  Soon she was seeking out boars on her own initiative, completely unconcerned whether they were transformed people like her or real boars humping away on her back.  Anything with a curly penis was good enough for her.  Time began to lose meaning for the animal.

If the sow had thought she was fat before, that was nothing compared to her weight after gorging herself for a few months and swelling to the height of her pregnancy.  She put on over a hundred pounds by the time her first litter was born, and it looked like the bloated beast would continue to gain for the rest of her life.  Awkwardly, the fat sow eased into her new role as a mother, letting instinct guide her.  After all, the ancestral knowledge of pigs was all the smelly sow really needed to get through each day.  And each day, she gave herself over to that instinct a little more, just finding it easier to cope with her new reality.  The other transformed swine seemed to do so as well, and soon they all responded to their care like docile, domesticated beasts.  The sow never even noticed that she seemed more fertile than the hogs she had once cared for.

A new girl was assigned primary care for the pigs, a brunette with a somewhat less curvy body than the mother sow had once had when she served that role.  The sow didn’t know the new woman, but her ability to distinguish between people was declining rapidly.  One day, she was surprised to find that she was thinking about the other girl also transforming, getting down on all fours and turning into a fat pig herself.  She wondered what the woman would be like as a sow.  But the thought didn’t stay with the animal very long.  No thoughts did.

By the time the sow had her fourth litter, her humanity was a distant memory that she only occasionally pulled out to think about.  Most of her life was spent living contentedly as the sow she was.  Perhaps even the sow she was meant to be.  She had discovered where the pigs were, in a way, and was satisfied with the answer.  She lowered her head to the dirty floor, happily feeling the thirteen insistent snouts sucking away at her engorged teats.  The sow was no longer displeased with her fate.  And she would be an exemplary hog for the rest of her life.

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That's... Actually pretty messed up now that I think about it. Am I a bad person for enjoying this?
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I wish I was her piglet!
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